10 sustainable years…

Iftikhar Hamdani, Cluster General Manager of Wyndham’s three properties in Northern Emirates, is referred to as the pioneer of sustainability. As he completes 10 years in the role, his efforts and initiatives continue to be recognised and rewarded.

Shehara Rizly

Iftikhar Hamdani has revolutionised the hospitality industry of Northern Emirates by making it a revenue-generating giant, ensuring that sustainability remained at its core. No surprise then that Hamdani can be called a champion of the region, a helmsman of its growth. He joined R Hotels as Director of Sales 10 years before he became became part of the Ramada Hotel and Suites Ajman family, and soon rose to being the Executive Assistant Manager and later the General Manager of the property. The revenue the property earned during this period surpassed all expectations, and Hamdani was soon entrusted with the task of leading the team at a new property.

Relationships ensure success
The core ingredients of Hamdani’s success story are commitment, loyalty, honesty, and integrity. Hamdani says, “When a person is entrusted with a task, he or she needs time to ensure that all efforts are taken to reap revenues for the company. This cannot be done within a few months; it requires years of careful and meticulous planning and building strong relationships with travel agents and tour operators. A long-standing relationship ensures continuous business. We attend international exhibitions and roadshows all year around, then seal business deals. It is also equally important to earn a client’s trust. Any business needs time to take off, but keeping it out of hot water and reaching new heights every year is a continued process, in my opinion.”

Unmatched expertise
When Hamdani joined the 365-room Ramada Hotel and Suites Ajman, within a year he turned it into a profit-making property and the story hasn’t changed since. This helped him earn the trust of the owners, who then decided to entrust him with a second property –Ramada by Wyndham Beach Hotel in Ajman – and then came Wyndham Garden, which was carefully planned to become a leading property in Northern Emirates.

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