Apps to ease your holiday hassle

It is that time of the year in the Middle East when you’re busy booking trips to exotic destinations and your customers are trying to pack as much in their itinerary as possible. Make sure your clients are ready for their vacation by suggesting these five Apps, designed to help take the pressure off the holidaymakers.

Making suggestions on user friendly apps is just an additional service you will provide your client, demonstrating that you are the ‘agent with a difference’. With apps like these, it’s guaranteed that they would be able to make the best out of their hard-earned time off, and even make some money on the side for their next adventure, booked through you.


With AirWayBill, your clients can choose (or buy) and carry items with their flight and get paid for it. All it takes is for them to download the app, secure some space in their baggage, and voila: extra money! If they’re planning on flying somewhere but running a bit low on cash, they should check out these packing tips here and make sure they use the free space that will turn up to earn some extra cash.


If they don’t have the time or the energy to make sure their apartment is ready before they go, ServiceMarket is the app that’ll do it for them! From scheduled maintenance, deep cleaning while away to other similar services, then this app is the gift that keeps giving.


No matter what one does, laundry remains one of the most tiring chores. Getting travel clothes washed and ready before one goes on a vacation, or even during, becomes a child’s play with this app’s “leave at the door” option.


When travelling to an unfamiliar place, be it abroad or in one’s own country, one more often than not doesn’t know which way to go. In such a case, the trusty Careem app comes to the rescue. Apart from showing the direction, this app can also provide pick and drop services by cab between two places. There is even a “Ride Later” option that helps a traveller choose the time of pick and drop as per their discretion.

Your banking app

Well, of course, how could anyone survive without money? While the holidaymakers may be somewhere with a different time zone or language, they can still have access to their bank. Just make sure the app is up to date and bank from any corner of the world.

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