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Today’s travellers engage in adventures ranging from mountaineering, hiking, golfing or even shopping. Arijit Munshi, General Manager, Tune Protect, EMEIA, talks about a specialised service or coverage which these activities may require, otherwise not included in a traditional travel policy.

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Q) Do travellers need a specific travel insurance for a winter destination or should the conventional plan work?
Let’s take the example of the most sought-after winter sport at a winter destination – skiing and snowboarding. It’s important to think about the traveller having a thorough winter sports insurance policy, which will not only cover in the event of an accident or injury on a ski slope but will also cover personal or hired ski or snowboarding equipment in case of loss, theft or damage. If a traveller has invested time and money to reach a ski slope only to discover the track closed due to weather conditions, that shall be covered too.

Q) For shopping items to be checklisted during travel, what are the benefits associated with Travel Shop Assurance?
Be it for business or leisure, shopping is in the genes of today’s travellers. A lost credit or debit card or an ATM withdrawal or theft is the last thing that a traveller would think of. Considering that such mishaps can occur, having a travel insurance cover is always a saviour. The Travel Shop Assurance plan is to secure the traveller to avoid financial problems or loss of shopping items that can ruin the trip. Unfortunate events of fraudulent usage on credit card and ATM thefts are covered under this plan.

Q) For golf lovers, how will a travel insurance benefit the traveller when traveling to play golf at a destination?
A passionate golfer knows it is an expensive sport. In the case of damage to a private or public property, the Travel Golf Assurance plan would cover the traveller and put his mind at ease. Whether the traveller is the next Sam Snead or a mere grassroots golfer, travel misfortunes can happen to anyone, anywhere and even on a golf course. The Travel Golf Assurance, with the help of local insurance partners, have enabled additional benefits covering golf equipment, stolen or damaged including hired equipment as well as covering a hole-in-one celebration.

Q) As an adrenaline junkie, should a traveller look at a conventional travel protection plan?
With an increasing number of young and old generation of travellers showing interest in adventure sports, insurers foresee the adventure travel market segment growing globally. Besides accidental death and permanent disability, Travel Adventure Assurance covers the traveller with peace of mind apart from the standard coverage such as medical reimbursement, follow-up treatment in home country, compensation, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of mortal remains while indulging in adventure activity.

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