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Creek Marina will be home to the Vida Harbour Point, a 286-room upscale lifestyle hotel, similar to the harbour hotels in cities such as Singapore and Shanghai. It is scheduled to open in 2019.

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Dubai Creek Harbour has unveiled one of the world’s finest city-harbour getaways, the Creek Marina in the heart of Creek Island Dubai, the premier residential and leisure district of the 6 square kilometre mega-development, only 10 minutes from the Dubai International Airport and the iconic Burj Khalifa in Downtown Dubai. With spectacular views of the Downtown Dubai skyline as well as the Dubai Creek, a one-of-its-kind waterfront destination, will be home to elegant residences, sweeping landscaped parkland, gourmet restaurants, cafes and entertainment venues. A winding boulevard encircles the Creek Island Dubai delighting residents and visitors with a breadth of unparalleled lifestyle choices. Several construction milestones have been achieved on the various residential developments in Dubai Creek Harbour. Creek Marina is set to open in December this year, even as preparations are ongoing to welcome the first residents in Dubai Creek Harbour by early 2019.

At Creek Marina, you explore, dream and discover a new way of life by the very heart and soul of the city, the historic Dubai Creek, the cradle of commerce and culture. Creek Marina is also adjacent to the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, a haven for migratory birds including the famous pink flamingos as well as soothing stretches of mangroves. With the monumental Dubai Creek Tower shining bright and Dubai Square, Creek Marina offers that perfect complement to a vibrant lifestyle choice that celebrates all good things marine. Nearly three-fourth of a kilometre long and about a quarter wide, the Creek Marina is billed to be the new Riviera of the Middle East. With its oyster design, a throwback to the city’s rich pearling history, it will serve as a refreshing new leisure destination for visitors to Dubai from all over the world and residents in Dubai Creek Harbour.

Creek Marina will have a capacity of over 81 single- and doubleberths and will feature a dedicated world-class Yacht Club with an impressive array of shopping and dining facilities. Facilities such as fuelling services, upgraded power outlets and pedestal units will ensure smooth sailing for all.

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