CharterClick your next cruise!

Since its inception last December, Dubai-based CharterClick has never looked back and now has 34 boats onboard. Continuing with the expansion, it is now spreading the business beyond the emirates.


The main feature of CharterClick is that it works in real time, which means booking can be done easily from your laptop or mobile phone. After four months of operation, the highest mark CharterClick has reached is 1200 new users in one day, with the total amount of users being around 1500 people for that very day. “We usually have around 100 new users daily, with an average of 250-275 total users coming to CharterClick every single day. We are, on an average, making 3 to 5 bookings a day, and because of the advanced bookings, we are sure this number is only going to get bigger in the months to come,” says Michael Siyatskyy, CharterClick’s Head of Content Curation. The service started with only four boats in their fleet and a single partnership agreement with a charter provider, but now has 34 boats available on its Dubaian website, along with more than 10 charter companies, who have signed an agreement to be represented on “We are really trying to implement every single suggestion that our partners have in mind — after all, it’s them who are in control of their own fleet; we are just giving them the most comfortable tools on the market and a space to be advertised on,” says Business Development Executive Nick Doroshenko. CharterClick is in the process of doing some final preparations to fully launch a Phase II, by opening a branch in Muscat, Oman. The plans to be represented in Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar have already been finalised. “We are very excited about the things to come,” says Vlad Mozharov, Managing Director, CharterClick. “While we are only living through the early days of the Phase II, we already have something in mind for the upcoming Phase III of our expansion. And without giving too much away, let’s just say we feel very confident about introducing CharterClick overseas.”

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