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Dashboard for agents, by agents

Top Travel Trip now offers a dashboard made by agents, for agents, with features to grow business and keep track of performance of each agent.


Top Travel Trip, a business to business travel oriented organisation, has spent extensive time and budgets researching customers pain points and understanding exactly what is that could make the day to day running of the business more efficient, and cost effective.
By using Big Data, analytics and customer feedback while predicting future trends and demands for the travel industry, Top Travel Trip is now on the verge of launching a new travel management solution that will revolutionise the industry. Online travel management systems were created to assist agents in making the booking process simpler and faster. However, these systems still lack the ability to offer a fullfledged service offering to manage booking and management processes from beginning to end.
It features real-time updates from product suppliers, seamless integration into your current business operations. Detailed target, sales and performance reporting, cost optimisation tools to increase profitability. With increase in staff productivity due to unparalleled system speeds and an optimized user interface for an improved user experience.
With Top Travel Trip’s travel management system features product sales, real time notifications, special offers and historical data is now available at a touch of a button. The new look flights search results has improved functionality with easy to use filters and features to help you find the best flights for your customers.
With a variety of filters it’s easy to find the perfect product for your customer. Get quick access to offers and improve your cross selling rate by adding the right service to the right product. The Top Travel Trip platform now offers a dashboard made by agents, for agents with features to grow your business and keep track of performance for each agent.

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