Discover the diversity of Germany from home

Germany is one of the most important destinations for travellers from the GCC due to its diverse offerings that cater to the many needs of the travellers from this region. Yamina Sofo, Director, Sales & Marketing, German National Tourist Office, Gulf countries shares about their webinar to discover the destination in the comfort of your home, #DiscoverGermanyFromHome.

What is the reason to host a webinar?

We would like to highlight the importance of the destination of Germany as one of the preferred travel destinations for GCC nationals due to its diversity. The webinar is a perfect platform to reach out to the travel professionals in the region. Germany ticks all the boxes, whether for wellness and recreation, nature and sightseeing or simply for entertainment and shopping – offering high quality services, great value for money, luxury accommodation and facilities as well as environment-friendly transportation links throughout the entire country.

When will it be held and what time will it take place?

The webinar will be held on September 21, 2020 at 11.00 am (UAE standard time).

How many speakers will attend the session?

There will be a total of four speakers including myself; I would represent the German National Tourist Office, Gulf countries, sharing details about the importance of the ME market and the current numbers among many other general topics about the destination.

Joining me from the State Tourist Board Southwest Germany will be Janina Wittmann, Marketing & Sales Manager; she will speak about Southwest Germany as a special vacation destination offering something for every age from nature to culture and culinary experience in the sunniest state of Germany.

The next speaker will be from Hochschwarzwald Tourism (Hochschwarzwald Tourismus GmbH) – Christian Gross, Head of Incoming/M!CE. Some of the topics that he will cover include; Where are the Black Forest Highlands located and how to get there? How does it look like in the region? For which target group is the region interesting? Which activities are offered in the Black Forest Highlands? And, what are suitable hotels or accommodations?

He will be followed by Angela Rieger, Sales & Tourism Manager, Outletcity Metzingen; Europe’s largest outlet which brings outlet shopping to a new level. You can discover what Metzingen can offer as a touristic destination and why it should be your choice for a unique shopping trip.

Who are your target audience?

Travel and tourism professionals, that is, OTAs, travel agencies, tour operators, M!CE representatives and media in the GCC region.

What are the areas that will be covered in this special webinar?

The webinar provides an overview of the destination of Germany as a travel and tourism destination that perfectly fits GCC traveller requirements.

The webinar will focus on two aspects of the destination – nature diversity and shopping.

  • ‘Nature diversity’ will be highlighted by the German local destination the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg with the Hochschwarzwald region
  • ‘Shopping’ will be highlighted by the German shopping destination Outletcity Metzingen

What are the benefits for the agents that will attend the sessions?

Agents can explore the diversity of the destination and its highlights through an informative and educational webinar with an opportunity for instant and live interaction; hold discussions on the current and future travel conditions to Germany and the precautions taken in the destination, and participate in a quiz with raffle prizes.

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