DTCM’s drive to attract millennials

Premiering its first initiative to attract millennials to Dubai, the tourism arm of the emirate featured a popular song by a young Korean band for the first time at the largest choreographed fountain in the world in Emaar’s Downtown Dubai known as the Dubai Fountain.


Millennials, over the past few years, have become the most important tourist segment especially to the emirate of Dubai and to some of the European countries. Entertainment tourism is one initiative which aims to attract millennials in this part of the world. With more millennial travellers seeking destinations that would provide them memorable experiences, many places are planning itineraries to accommodate this segment of tourism.
The Dubai Fountain is widely recognised as one of the most impressive musical fountains of the world, artistically interwoven with music, lasers and light. The ‘must-see’ attraction has a rich, dynamic collection of performances encompassing many musical traditions, each one being uniquely expressive in its interpretation. With its vibrant musical and visual experience set on the 23.81-acre Burj Lake within Downtown Dubai, The Dubai Fountain can reach a height of 140 metres and is equipped with powerful nozzles capable of shooting water higher than a 45-storey building. The beam of light shining upward from the fountain can be seen from more than 30 kilometres away. Different combinations of water forms created by 6,000 WET superlights and 25 colour projectors perform to selected musical pieces–chosen from a range of classical to contemporary Arabic and world music.
The popular song ‘Power’ by Korean supergroup Exo recently introduced to the audience as part of a dancing performance aimed at attracting the growing millennial tourism market. The band members of Exo were present at The Dubai Fountain to witness the inaugural performance of ‘Power’. The entire area was cordoned off as thousands of millennial tourists from the GCC flew over to witness the evening alongside the Dubai Shopping Festival.
Issam Kazim, CEO, Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing, said, “We are dedicated to bringing world-class entertainment to visitors of Dubai. We are pleased to be able to provide our Korean visitors with a unique rendition of one of their country’s most popular songs.”
K-Pop boyband Exo made its debut in 2012 and the song ‘Power’ is Exo’s newest hit; it was released in September 2017, and has topped the charts in various K-Pop markets. ‘Power’ will now stay in rotation, as the first K-Pop song to ever be included as part of The Dubai Fountain’s world-renowned repertoire. Describing their feelings on seeing the show for the first time, Exo, commented, “This ties in with the very essence of The Dubai Fountain itself, a place where visitors from all around the world gather to enjoy the truly spectacular fountain show.” Commenting on the newest addition to The Dubai Fountain’s playlist, Ahmad Al Falasi, Executive Director–Group Operations, Emaar Properties, said, “The Dubai Fountain in Downtown Dubai offers visitors a truly uplifting experience. The fountain presents a diversity of musical choices that reflect the cosmopolitan outlook of our city. The addition of ‘Power’ adds to the repertoire of The Dubai Fountain’s musical selection with the vibrant beats of the song set to appeal to a large cross-section of people.”

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