Dubai Way is the right way

Launched by Dubai College of Tourism, Dubai Way is especially for the government and private sector staff who deal with tourists on a daily basis.

Essa Bin Hadher, General Manager, Dubai College of Tourism, explains that this bespoke online training programme is designed for Dubai’s consumer-facing tourism and hospitality professionals. “Having the correct knowledge and information about Dubai is a critical part of being able to provide outstanding customer service. Dubai Way provides this information via engaging video lessons and activities. Dubai Way will assist in delivering exceptional visitor experiences, meaning Dubai will be better placed to welcome 20 million visitors by 2020.”

He further explains that the entire tourism industry, hoteliers, travel agents, tour guides, retail establishments, taxi drivers, basically anyone who interacts with a tourist, is being encouraged to participate in Dubai Way. The training is completely online and self-paced, allowing partners to embed the learning within their own training schedules.

Hadher shares, “Through training, we are growing the sector, creating jobs and growing our economy. Dubai Way will result in a contingent of best-in-class tourism professionals, equipped with the knowledge to ensure all visitors experience a memorable time in Dubai.”

Nabeel Ejaz, Learning & Development Manager, La Ville Hotel and Suites City Walk Dubai, states, “Dubai Way is one of the most unique programmes I have come across in learning about Dubai’s culture, heritage, current and future vision. It is a fun-filled programme, equipped with lots of meaningful content. The usage of video and sound effects gives Dubai Way an edge over the other programmes and most importantly the participants leave the sessions more confident, knowledgeable and more in love with Dubai.

“As a partner, this programme makes my job so much easier to talk about the culture and tourism market of Dubai with the new employees and most importantly, the programme is self-paced so the learners can choose on how soon they want to finish the programme,” Ejaz says.

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