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Known for their operational complexity, the housekeeping department in hotels can nonetheless be streamlined into an efficient and cost-effective operation by leveraging the right strategy.

Industry studies have consistently shown that hotel cleanliness is among the leading factors influencing guest satisfaction and a property’s reputation. However, the truth is that for many hoteliers, maintaining an effective housekeeping department can prove to be a significant challenge.

This is due to often overstretched resources and the difficulty in keeping track of all the tasks. Since hotels and resorts traditionally rely on a paper-based management strategy, an increase in assignments or responsibilities often means an increased likelihood of overlooked guestrooms and public areas, with a guest’s experience and future property revenues ultimately paying the price. With this in mind, more and more hotels are discovering the advantages of implementing software solutions that ensure the seamless and real-time transmission of communication and data to staff members.

Equipped with such functionality, property leadership can ensure that housekeeping attendants are always where they need to be and a task, no matter how small, never gets overlooked. By implementing the five steps below when considering a housekeeping management software solution, hotels can always be sure of their ability to affordably deliver only the highest in guest expectations.

Keep an eye on the big picture

Housekeeping operations spanning an entire property can often prove daunting when attempting to keep track of each individual room’s status. By relying on a platform that can offer an intuitive onscreen room matrix that is updated in real time, housekeeping management can always rest assured of their ability to oversee any and all room status updates. With the ability to view such data remotely from any location and at any time, supervisors can also make informed and immediate task adjustment decisions, if necessary. In doing so, they can consistently ensure that housekeeping staff are always aware of which tasks are a priority.

Step up efficiency with full automation

With the constant juggling of numerous tasks that can easily overwhelm a housekeeping department, it pays to implement an automated solution that has the ability to lighten the load. With instant alert notifications, housekeeping management can take advantage of an inspection matrix, for instance, and can always be sure of their ability to review the quality of completed staff tasks in a timely and efficient manner. Housekeeping attendants in turn can also benefit substantially from automated assignments, particularly when it comes to dealing with rooms that require specific needs. Only by allowing employees to focus only on the task at hand, can resources be utilised effectively in a manner that always produces superior results and guest satisfaction.

Properly allocate your resources

The time of the year and varying occupancy levels can often lead to shifts in task prioritisation. Again leveraging an intuitive management platform, being able to forecast factors such as the number of incoming guests or how many staff members are needed for a specific shift, can prove vital in maintaining the quality of a service. A solution capable of providing forecasts on guestroom occupancy by specific floor, for example, can ensure that such areas are staffed adequately during peak times. Staff rosters that can be viewed in real time also allow supervisors to determine how many staff members are on duty during a particular shift, therefore allowing them to allocate resources accordingly.

Maintain proper inventory

Unsurprisingly, the ability to maintain adequate stock of amenity items can have significant influence on guest satisfaction. However, overstocked supplies can serve as a drain on hotel budgets while taking up unnecessary space. Hence, by taking advantage of a system that actively tracks guest consumption and that alerts staff when replenishment is required using preset levels, hoteliers can ensure that guest needs are always met in a cost-effective manner. Intelligent inventory controls can likewise be utilised to track loaned service items, in order to ensure their return and minimise the need for replacement due to loss or theft.

Maximise communication

Perhaps the most critical element in a housekeeping department’s operational strategy is the ability to maintain direct lines of communication between all staff members, regardless of location. So, solutions that offer the ability to remotely transmit and update tasks can play a deciding role in whether a department’s efforts are ultimately successful. Industry-leading platforms, for instance, will allow employees to leverage the use of personal smart devices in reviewing tasks as they go about their responsibilities. Solutions like allowing attendants to share details of the completed assignments with fellow staff members guarantee maximum efficiency by ensuring resources always go to where they are actually needed. Your guests demand cleanliness in their hotel environment. Be sure to always deliver with FCS e-Housekeeping.

Hotel housekeeping responsibilities can quickly add up, often evolving into a situation that is increasingly difficult to navigate for both attendants and their managers. With FCS e-Housekeeping, hoteliers will always be able to always deliver only the best in service and guest satisfaction. An industry-leading platform renowned for streamlining the housekeeping management process, e-Housekeeping works to ensure that tasks are always delivered to the right team member at the right time.

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