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Enhancing housekeeping efficiency

Housekeeping standards and efficiency is of utmost importance as the guest needs to be ensured of excellent service during his stay. The announcement of the General Availability (GA) of FCS Housekeeping V3.1 with new features serve to further boost housekeeping efficiency and guest satisfaction.


The latest version of FCS Housekeeping includes the ability to implement task assignment rules that can adapt to changing priorities throughout the day. Other useful enhancements include instant access to guest pro- files via mobile app, greater report customisation and the ability to view or update an array of additional information via mobile device.
“FCS Housekeeping has been an industry gamechanger in housekeeping ef- ficiency since its initial launch, and the new version continues this legacy by providing the staff with even greater insight into the tracking and management of tasks,” said Shannon Lau, Product Manager for FCS Housekeeping. “With the new features, properties can further streamline task related data to ensure swift and effective completion of all assignments,” she said.
With each guest room constantly undergoing changes in room status, from an active task to completion and being ready for a new guest, it is vital for an ef- ficient houseke e p i n g workforce to be able to rely on an assignment list that reflects current priorities. That is why one of the key features included in the FCS Housekeeping upgrade is the ability to configure specific assignment rules that can be sent to staff depending on the time of day that run repeatedly with the use of pre-set time scheduling. This ensures that room attendants adhere to specific responsibilities that reflect what is needed to be completed at a certain time, such as attending to a rush room or working on an arrival room.
FCS Housekeeping V3.1 also equips hoteliers with far greater control over how and when performance reports are generated and sent, as well as what sort of information is included. Specific fields such as guest room activities, status tracking or time taken to complete tasks on a certain floor, can now be grouped and sorted based on user preference. This functionality provides hoteliers with even greater insight by allowing them to edit reports down to specific data, facilitating the ability to analyse and make performance comparisons where needed. Reports can be customised to offer either summary or detailed descriptions. Sent via email as an attachment, each report can also be submitted to multiple recipients.
The latest version of FCS Housekeeping allows staff to access a guest’s pro- file from mobile devices. With the ability to instantly look up a guest by room number or name, room attendants can view essential information, such as personal preferences and profile notes, increasing their ability to provide customised service to each guest. Further enhancements made to the FCS Housekeeping mobile app also include a job posting confirmation message that allows staff to verify the accuracy of information before being submitted. Besides, the new platform also includes a list of other performance enhancing abilities that include optimised room matrix user interface offering the ability to view more rooms and hours, new pop-up screen that allows users to perform multiple actions, new room assignment rules based on room number and guest preference codes which can be sorted in ascending or descending order, remarks and notes that remain linked to a specific guest room until guest checkout, minibar items, linens and amenities tailored based on guest room type.

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