Fujairah: When adventure comes calling

In the lap of the majestic Hajar Mountain range is the emirate of Fujairah, home to centuries-old mosques and forts that add to the picturesque landscape. Those heading to Fujairah, less than an hour’s drive from Dubai, are in for real adventure and some exotic marine life.

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The fifth largest emirate of the UAE, Fujairah is home to the oldest mosque in the region, Al Bidyah Mosque, constructed in the 15th century. The region receives the highest annual rainfall in the country and is one of the most picturesque destinations known for its coral reefs, adventure sports, and diving. The main cities and villages in Fujairah are Dibba, Murbeh, Qidfa, Al Bidiyah, Masafi, Al-Siji, and Al Bithna.

Today, with business, tourism, and infrastructure developments steaming ahead, Fujairah’s transformation into a globalised city of the 21st century is well underway. In its drive to attract more tourists to the emirate, both public and private sector enterprises have been working closely and have witnessed an exponential growth in terms of hotels and alternative accommodation facilities owing to the influx of tourists, especially over the winter season.

Key attractions & activities
Every Friday, an exciting cultural heritage show of Arabian bull fighting is arranged by locals, in a fenced muddy field opposite Fujairah Corniche. Unlike Spanish bull fighting, this version is a tug of war between two bulls and ends when one of them is pushed outside the circle. Visitors to the emirate can also visit the Fujairah Historic Fort, built in the 16th century, and the Fujairah Museum that unravels the region’s best-kept secrets. Visitors can also head to the Fujairah Friday Market situated in Masafi, for fresh fruits, art pieces, carpets, and pottery.

When in Fujairah, travellers cannot miss the majestic Hajar Mountains, the highest mountain range in the eastern Arabian Peninsula, running through both the UAE and Oman. It stands tall to the west of Fujairah, and offers many a scenic hiking tours. On the foothills of the Hajar Mountains is a popular relaxation spot called the Ain Al Madhab Garden, which features a mineral spa and makes for a good day trip. Visitors can also head to Snoopy Island, an incredible rocky marine island with immense natural beauty and abundant sea life, and named after the cartoon character ‘Snoopy’ because the island resembles it in shape.

Wadi Wurayah is another 12,700 hectare area situated between Masafi, Khor Fakkan, and Bidiyah in the UAE. The first mountain protected area in the country, the region is home to more than 100 species of mammals, birds and fish, and more than 300 species of plants.

International hotel chains have marked their presence in the emirate, and staycations during the summer are a preferred holiday medium. Brands such as Fairmont, Rotana, and Marriott take the lead in hotel accommodation providers, while alternative stay options are also gaining popularity.

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