Indonesia all set to lure UAE visitors

Emiratis visiting Indonesia increased by 26.92 per cent, from 6.561 in the year 2018 to 8.327 in 2019. H.E. Ridwan Hassan, Consul General of the Indonesian Consulate in Dubai shares with TravTalk,
some of the plans to promote the country in the Middle East market.

How was 2019 in terms of tourism growth from UAE to Indonesia?
Emiratis visiting Indonesia increased by 26.92 per cent, from 6.561 in 2018 to 8.327 in 2019. Generally, Emiratis are interested in family tour packages, wellness packages and sports tourism. Unlike most other foreign tourists, Emiratis are fond of attractions like modern shopping centres, beaches, mountains, hotels and resorts with complete facilities. Most tourists from UAE to Indonesia are expatriates living in Dubai and Northern Emirates, this is important considering that of the total 9.6 million population, only around 11 per cent or 1 million people are native Emiratis.

Could you share the plans for 2020 by the Consulate General office in Dubai?
In order to increase tourist arrivals from the Northern Emirates to Indonesia, the Consulate General has undertaken various steps such as facilitating the holding of the Wonderful Indonesia exhibition and Tourism Sales Mission with the Ministry of Tourism to market tour packages to UAE travel agents. Indonesia has superior tourism potential from several regions which can be offered through cooperation between Indonesian travel agency entrepreneurs and UAE to create tour packages, participating in Heritage Week, Expo 2020; and other expos held in Dubai and Northern Emirates, and organising Fam trips to tourist destinations in Indonesia. Also, we are looking at
the chance to promote Indonesia via radio and universities, to attract youngsters in UAE to visit Indonesia. For universities, we are offering scholarships for students.

In the year of Expo 2020 what are the initiatives taken by the Consulate to attract visitors from the UAE?
We want Expo 2020 to be Indonesia’s media showcase to the world. Indonesia Pavilion will be developed as a platform for all concerned national stakeholders including technical agencies and creative economic elements through national branding.

What is being done to increase UAE citizens’ awareness about Indonesia?
Indonesia, a country with conducive political environment, was chosen as the Most Preferred Emerging Market in 2020. Positioning Indonesia as an attractive destination in global markets is imperative to the success of the entire tourism strategy, particularly for UAE as well as the Gulf region and beyond. We need to increase UAE citizens’ awareness about Indonesia through optimal promotion by involving the active role of Visit Indonesia Tourism Office (VITO) through various means and media.

Shehara Rizly

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