Is your baggage assured?

Today, although travelling from one destination to another has become convenient, PNJ Kumar, Chief Executive Officer, Caesars Travel Group and Arijit Munshi, General Manager, Tune Protect-EMEIA, deliberate over how travelling along with an assurance plan makes it a bespoke experience.

Why did Tune Protect come up with an Electronic Travel Assurance product?
Kumar: While travelling, travellers often indulge in shopping. One of the items we see being purchased are electronic items from within the region but with regards to air travel, size does matter. Checked-in items are often prone to be damaged or even lost when in transit. The recent upliftment of ban on electronic items from the region fuelled the introduction of the Electronic Travel Assurance package. An important guideline for travellers is that‘Electronics Assurance Plan’ only covers checked-in items during air travel and not before or after you complete
your air travel.

Do you see value in both the assurance products launched by Tune Protect– Travel Electronic
Assurance & Travel Baggage Insurance for your travellers?
Kumar: Standard travel insurance plans have high limits for medical emergencies, emergency evacuations and flight accidents. However, when it comes to electronics while travelling, the benefits are often limited. Furthermore, even 50 per cent of your electronic purchase value might not be covered. Having such a Travel Electronic Assurance programme that would insure their electronic items will fit the requirement and ensure ultimate peace of mind to the traveller.
What if the baggage is lost, stolen or damaged by the airline itself?
Munshi: Airline companies have tough limits on what they will pay for lost luggage and this limit varies from carrier to carrier. Further, it can take days or even weeks before an airline will decide that the travellers’ bag is permanently
lost or completely damaged. The Tune Protect baggage coverage is intended to provide replacement value up to certain limits for the baggage that is lost, stolen or destroyed during air travel.

Is the claim process for these two products easy for your travellers?
Munshi: Our head office has offered travellers two ways of claiming: an upload functionality via an online claim wherein travellers must submit their travel assurance policy details along with other documents. They can also download a form and send via email.

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