Leisure Moscow: Tech in focus

OTDYKH Leisure, commonly known as Leisure Moscow, shall mark its 25th edition from September 10-12, at Expocentre Fairgrounds in Moscow. The exhibition aims to lay focus on marketing territories, while encompassing the role of digital technology in tourism.

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Last year, the exhibition attracted 870 exhibitors from 41 countries and 44 Russian regions with 38,303 visits in 15, 000 sq.m exhibition area with 287 media attendees and 80 media partners. One of the key programmes this year is the international forum for tourism industry professionals and experts. The theme focuses on new destinations and territory marketing. The new generation of tourists and digital technologies inspire changes in the travel industry that require a flexible approach. There will be emerging of new niches and increasing competition between routes and regions. What is the next step in the industry development, and how to predict trends? What destinations will be relevant? What prospects have been opened by the event tourism over the past 5 years (on the example of Sochi 2014, 2018 FIFA World Cup)? How the cultural tourism develops? These and other topics will be discussed by experts and professionals during all three forum days.

The main thematic tracks of the forum include, ‘A modern view on the tourism industry’, where the official statistics of the Federal Agency for Tourism shows a slight contraction of the outbound trips market in Russia (2014-2017). At the same time, 2019 should mark a record number of foreign tourists visiting Russia. According to the Association of Tour Operators of Russia, more than 30 million tourists are expected to visit Russia (including tourists from Europe and Asia).

Territory marketing is another aspect that will be covered. On the example of immersive shows and interactive projects, the issues of making festival maps, small cities and new routes development, art projects and individual cases will be discussed. Another aspect is digital technologies in tourism. How new technologies in tourism and in the city affect its attractiveness and the new tourism products, will be highlighted. Cultural, business tourism, incentive tours, medical tourism will be the focus.

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