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Premier Inn Dubai Ibn Battuta Mall Hotel caters to the millennials with its combination of a convenient
stay connected to the mall as well as the metro line in Dubai to avoid the hustle and bustle of traffic.

Owned by master developer Nakheel, the 372-room property is a treat to both business and leisure travellers. Having started off his career in the same brand in the UK, General Manager Roudi Soubra stated that a few extra facilities has been added to the property to comply with the policies and regulations of the country. “Accessibility to the Expo area, Abu Dhabi and Jebel Ali do give us an edge over others; we are also the only mid-market property in the area,” Soubra said.
Service par excellence
The moment you enter, the waiting area is large enough for you to relax and hop into the coffee stop whist waiting for your turn. Right from the General Manager to the front office staff through to the security, the hotel extends its services with a broad smile. Efficient in its service excellence, the staff has been trained to ensure that all guests are attended to so well that the second time you visit, they will address guests by their name. Soubra shared, “We go that extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction and personalisation; for instance, if a guest requests for soy milk and we don’t have it, we will go out and get it for the guest.”

Passport to personalisation
Today, travel has become a way of life for all ages. Millennials dare to be different and take risks and experiment with anything that is seemingly new to them. As a whole, every traveller seeks a seamless experience. Social media and the likes have gained popularity due to the constant usage of sharing experiences by millennials. The hotel’s marketing team has created a passport which is given at the checkin point where travellers can benefit from various offers and discounts at different places, shared Soubra.

Mix of occupants

Being connected to a mall and the metro are two primary criteria for the GCC and residents from other emirates. Weekends are therefore, filled with locals, GCC nationals and residents while the weekdays witness more of bleisure stays from the UK, India, Germany, to name a few. Soubra shares, “Currently, we are looking at 85 per cent occupancy same as last year for the first half of the year.


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