NDC Level 3 for Zeeyarah becomes the first online travel agency and B2B reseller in the MENA region to receive the highest level of IATA NDC certification on PADIS Publication 16.2 Schema.

TT Bureau

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has awarded New Distribution Capability (NDC) Level 3 certification to, managed by Superior Tracks Travel and Tourism Agency based in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As part of NDC certification, Zeeyarah had commenced direct connection with major Middle Eastern and European carriers, Saudi Airlines being one of the pilot carriers in the region to partner NDC with zeeyarah. com. Dr Abdulaziz Khayat, Assistant Vice President— Sales Strategies, Saudi Arabian Airlines, said, “In keeping up with the new advancements in the airlines reservation technologies, Saudia is proud to announce the successful completion of its NDC pilot project. We sincerely thank our partners at Amadeus, TPconnects and for their excellent work and dedication throughout the implementation of this project. Saudia is proud to be the first carrier in the region that secured NDC level 3 certification from IATA.”
Mohammed Gaus, CEO and Founder, Zeeyarah, commented, “This is a great achievement for us to start up in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because generally such innovative projects commence outside the Kingdom and then try to penetrate into the country. We have done the opposite by starting the project into the Kingdom and then moving out to other parts of the region with an aim to become a global brand.

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