Oneview manages services for TMCs

Oneview has been serving the travel industry in the Middle East for the past seven years. Jauhar Abdul Gafoor, who recently took up reins as Chief Executive Officer, Oneview IT Solutions, shares his plans and aspirations for the year ahead.

TT Bureau

Tell us about your key plans for Oneview.
This year, we plan to support the agents interested in expanding their consolidation business. We have a system in place that can help them to consolidate their services through one portal and serve their clients better. Apart from that, we are concentrating more on managed services, which means we are going to work closely with the travel companies that already bought the technology from other companies. There are many TMCs who got the technology from different companies, but adoption is one of the biggest challenges for everyone. Our aim is to help them with their requirements.

What solutions do you provide to online travel companies?
We provide entire solutions for online travel companies through our managed services — from a customer calling to contact centre till they use the services, credit card fraud management and digital marketing to boosting the traffic and materialise the booking.

What are your major goals for 2019?
Our main goal for 2019 is to bring GDS, NDC and all LCC into one platform to enable travel agents to have access to various channels to have full content and choose the best for better yield. This will enable travel agencies to choose the right content according to their needs and requirements.

How accessible are you to the agents?
We have introduced our ready-to-deploy kiosk and sign-up with a couple of large TMCs to implement the unit for the preferred location around the UAE, including malls and other public places. We have introduced a new support centre in Abu Dhabi to help our customers from Middle East and Africa. We operate 24*7*365 and our customers can get level-1 and level-2 support immediately as and when required.

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