Qataris raring to travel

Opening of borders has given people confidence to travel. Ayman Al Qudwa, Manager, Falcon Travel, shares with TRAVTALK outbound trends from Qatar.

Shehara Rizly

What are the latest summer trends this year?

This summer of 2022, Qatar is going through one of the best season for inbound and outbound travel in all fields, whether it is Business Travel, Education Tours, Visit Friend and Relatives, Honey Moon, Leisure Travel or Adventure. There is a huge increase for outbound travel through flights and cruises for Europe and Far East. The demand is for Turkey, England, France , Switzerland, Spain, Austria, Georgia, Thailand, Malaysia, UAE and Egypt. In addition, there are FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 officials, delegations, tour operators, fans and organisers to and from Qatar.

Could you share the popular destinations?

As indicated earlier, the demand is for Turkey, England, France, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, Georgia, Thailand, Malaysia, UAE and Egypt.

How is summer this year different?

In Qatar, it will be different, because it is short season due to FIFA World Cup 2022 commitments. Qatar since 2010 became as a workshop to host the best edition of World Cup. Therefore, all travellers and tourists need to travel and come back before August 14, 2022.

When are the travellers looking at travelling and what is the duration?

It has started already. However, the peak for outbound travel is during last week of June and first week of July. In addition, for inbound travel date it will be in the first and second week of August. Duration of travel is from three to four weeks.

Are the travellers looking at luxury or semi-luxury?

Qatar, a unique market, is considered to be one of the best outbound market for luxury travel in the GCC and Middle East region. Despite challenges during the pandemic, Qatar remains one of the most competitive and powerful economies in the region and has maintained its position at the top of the international table for GDP per capita. Therefore, a majority of Qatari tourists and travellers are looking for luxury travel experience.

How has the role changed as a travel consultant, especially after the pandemic?

I would like to thank you for this very good question. Let us agree that the world after Covid-19 is not the same. Before Covid-19 travel debate was about seat on flight or room in a hotel. Whereas today, it is about information, safety and procedures! In travel sector, we act as an advisor to make travel happen with a peace of mind!

Visa on arrival or evisa has become one of the most important to travel, how do you see this and what are the key benefits for travellers?

Still we need more effort and more solutions, it is the big challenge for any transaction, why Turkey is the first option for all passengers irrespective of the nationality is the flexibility on the option of visa on arrival or e-visa!

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