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An unstinted passion to meet new people and explore different cultures, led Manoj Tulsani, Chief Executive Officer, Rayna Tours and Travels, and his partner Kamlesh Ramchandani to venture into the travel and tour business. Tulsani’s approach to be innovative, while keeping abreast of industry trends and needs of travellers has earned him accolades in the sector.

Shehara Rizly

Focusing on varied investments such as construction, transport and real estate, apart from day-today management of the travel business, Tulsani shares how the two friends ventured into the industry, “When we first started in 2006, it was discovered that people would book hotel rooms in Dubai, but weren’t aware of the importance of making tour reservations. We perceived this as a gap, and organised low cost quality tours to the guests of Flora Grand Hotel.” The concept was an out-of-the-box idea.

“An innovative approach of the time, our strategy quickly gained prominence and we opened seven more outlets within two years in Dubai’s significant 4 and 5-Star hotels. By 2009, Rayna Tours and Travels became a renowned name,” he says. In the last 12+ years, the company has established itself as a leader in B2C and B2B travels and currently operates in about 10 countries. “Rayna Tours is ISO certified, with over 70 outlets in Dubai,” informs Tulsani.

A journey of a lifetime
Tulsani came to Dubai to work after completing his graduation, in the 90s. He worked at different companies before starting Rayna. Tulsani shares, “After about seven years, I hunkered to try something new. People spend so much energy and time in booking the cheapest flights and hotels weeks in advance, but then don’t think about what to do when they get to their destination. My career has been about gratifying the traveller with superb, worry-free travel experience with professional help on-hand for every travel need.”

Millennials, the new disruptors
Over the past few years there has been a rapid rise in millennials. Tulsani shares his views about this new segment which is contributing to the industry, “Millennials prefer to book everything online, according to studies. The Rayna Group’s technological advancements, in terms of their easy-to-use intuitive travel apps, B2B partnerships and a wide range of online services, aim to engage millennials.”

Achievements that define the venture
Embarking on their growth journey, Tulsani shares, “Rayna Tours is worth an incredible AED 150 million in annual revenue. The global travel industry is growing year-on-year at 40 per cent CAGR. It’s an $80 billion industry, with a predicted growth of $150 billion by 2024.”

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