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Remaz Tours was founded in 2017 in Berlin to provide inbound tourism services for Middle East and GCC travellers to Germany.  Today, the company provides high-quality services from ground operations, logistics, to sales and marketing. Maher Azizia, Managing Director,  Remaz Tours Germany, shares with TRAVTALK.

Shehara Rizly

What are the main services offered at Remaz Tours?

Our main services are focused on inbound tourism to Germany and Central Europe from Asia, ME, GCC and North Africa. Also, our inbound services vary from FIT leisure, small groups to M!CE and business travel.

How important is the ME market and how will you attract travellers to the destination?

The Middle East market has witnessed remarkable growth in the last five years, which encouraged the tourism authorities in European countries including Germany to pay attention to this growth and to allocate a large budget to promote its destinations in this market. Our key goal is to attract the ME travellers who appreciate authentic cultural, artistic, historical, natural and social heritage.

What happened during lockdown at Remaz Tours?

During the lockdown our focus was on booking flights for those who were stuck in Europe and helping them to safely travel back to their home countries.

Has domestic tourism picked up due to the ease of lockdown?

Limited domestic travel was allowed after lockdown restrictions eased, for example in Germany I have suddenly seen a demand for holiday homes and camping tourism.

When will inbound pick up and which countries will be the first to come in? There was a list put forward for Schengen countries so from them do you feel that UAE will have an edge over others?

International borders for Schengen area have been opened from July 1, the list of countries started with 15 and according to the European Union the list will be reviewed every two weeks and new countries will be added consecutively. As per the Federal Government of Germany, those countries’ borders will be opened who have been able to prevent the spread of the virus. The UAE health system has proven its capacity by dealing with the pandemic and I have a feeling that UAE will be at the forefront of the GCC countries that will open borders with Germany.


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