Roamer : One-stop solution for agents

Technology has changed everything, even travel experiences. Travellers’ needs are changing and increasing with every passing day and in the industry’s constant efforts to keep meeting these needs, here comes a new tool – Roamer.

The introduction of smartphones and apps has indeed transformed travel experiences and the way people carry out their expeditions. From checking room availability to locating the untouched spots at a destination, everything can now be done through a simple app installed on a smartphone. In fact, smartphones and apps have become a necessity for modern-day travellers as they move faster and have a lot of information to keep a track of through their trips. Be it the timing of their flight or the hotel address, package itinerary or transfers; they want everything to be easily accessible. Such changes in the travel trends are making the business extremely challenging for the tour and activity providers.

Being a market leader in the B2B travel sector, we at TBO Group, thrive to offer the best to both our agents and end users and make the business of travelling fun, not stressful for them. Thus came the idea of developing an app that can help the travel agents in offering an unparalleled experience to their customers.

Named as Roamer, this app is the one-stop solution for travel agents as well as travellers around the world. Acting as a joint platform between the agents and their customers, this app makes it possible for the agents to keep a track of all the travel bookings and alterations. Roamer makes it possible for the customers to access all the essential information about their upcoming and ongoing trips with a single touch. Also, they can connect and speak with their agents even when there is no cellular network. All that is needed is Wi-Fi connectivity and the app will get them connected to whoever they want. Now isn’t that something amazing? Let’s have a look at the startling features this app comes with and how it can provide a more engaging experience to the travellers.

Automatic Trip Organisation

All the travel reservations are automatically organised based on the bookings made, and the details of the trip(s) are available in a user-friendly way.

Stay Updated

Instant push notifications help keep the customers updated about their bookings. Be it about the delay in the departure of their booked flight or any alteration in the itinerary, instant push notifications are there to keep them informed and make changes to their plans, if required, in time, without any hassle.


Untimely cancellations can be a spoiler for anyone. With Roamer, agents can easily keep their customers updated about any cancellations and alterations in the itinerary. Surprised much?

Offline Access

No Internet? No problem! Roamer is available offline, which means easy access to all the information all the time. Trip details once synced with the app, will be available on the phone always!

Prompt Customer Support

Agents can deliver their customers instant support from any part of the world with a single tap on the screen. They can directly chat with the travellers for any support required. So, if you have already fallen in love with the amazing features presented in this app, download it right away and present it to your customers as their new travel buddy.

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