TTME MAY 2018 ATM DAY 1 - PG 15-A

SalamAir’s Dubai office opens doors

SalamAir’s recent partnership with Smart Travel was celebrated in a ceremony attended by Captain Mohamed Ahmed, CEO, SalamAir. The cost is to be kept at minimal rates for travellers’ affordability.

Shehara Rizly

SalamAir started off operations about 14 months ago with flights to Dubai, Karachi, Salalah, Multan, Sohar, Doha, Shiraz and Jeddah. They started with the preferred aircraft Airbus A320 for its economical standard and comfortable boarding for passengers. Captain Ahmed stated that over the past year, they carried over half a million passengers aboard the aircraft with current operations to nine destinations. In terms of Dubai,  two flights operate with one in the morning and another in the evening.
Ahmed further stated that although the flight has the capacity to carry 186 passengers, it only accommodates 174 to provide comfort for passengers. A certain amount of baggage allowance does come in free but the main point is to ensure that cost is kept at minimal so that it is affordable for more travellers to take advantage. Meals on board, seats and all extra items can be tailor-made by travellers as per their requirement.
Oman is one of the most popular destinations amongst the locals and expats in the UAE. The launch of this new new premises within Smart Travel will be an advantage for any queries. Today, low cost carriers are preforming well as they deliver a service that is more custom made to suit the travellers’ needs. Frills can be important to those who would fly long haul but short trips are what really matter for seamless travel.
During the festive months in Islamic calendar, SalamAir has speacial flights to suit the needs of pilgrim tourists who would fly to Mecca or Medina. The airline offers special services and allowances for tourists from various parts they currently operate from. Other new destinations on the cards are Baku and Tbilisi which constitute popular outbound destination areas for the GCC as they have a visa on arrival policy for certain GCC countries. As a new entrant, SalamAir is steadily en route to becoming one of the leading airlines.

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