Seamless cargo movement

dnata has entered into a contract with IBS Software to implement the iCargo terminal operation suite across all its stations.

TT Bureau

dnata is the first ground handler to launch a global roll-out of iCargo and have all its operations on one united platform using unified processes. Expected to be gradually implemented across the system by 2020, iCargo will have a user base of over 5,000 staff members across 27 stations, in 10 countries, interfacing seamlessly with a host of other system applications within the IT landscape of business. “With iCargo as our technology platform, we are confident that we can stay agile and adapt to the fast changing needs of our customers across the globe,” said Bernd Struck, Senior Vice President—UAE Cargo & DWC Airlines Services, dnata.
“iCargo is a modern IT platform widely accepted to be best suited to bring about transformational change in the airline cargo industry. Over the years, significant investment has gone in to give iCargo a strong product roadmap, continuously incorporating technology led innovation and building a collaborative community model of development,” says Ashok Rajan, SVP & Head of Airline Cargo Services, IBS Software. Through iCargo, dnata will automate key business and operational functions including ULD management, quality monitoring and mail management with a single integrated platform – iCargo.

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