Seven unique gems of the UAE

Dubai’s location, huge population of expats, riches, traditions and vibrant culture are just a few reasons why so many people are drawn to this dynamic city. Living in this desert city for over 12 years, my time off from work is spent visiting unique places in the UAE, says Sapna Aidasani, Manager – PR & Marketing, Pluto Travels.

Let’s take a look at the seven gems of the UAE which you cannot afford to overlook while making your travel bucket list.

Gem 1: Qasr Al-Watan

Al- is the Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi, UAE. One of the finest examples of Arabic architecture and craftsmanship, its design features UAE’s story in three acts – Past, Present and Future – in the form of a beautiful Sound & Light show.

Gem 2: Louvre Abu Dhabi

This art and civilization museum is designed as a ‘seemingly floating dome structure’. It is the largest art museum in the Arabian Peninsula. Artworks from around the world are showcased at the museum, with special focus being placed upon bridging the gap between Eastern and Western art.

Gem 3: Hatta Mountain Safari, Kayak & Glamping

UAE offers beautiful white mountain safari located just an hour-and-a-half drive from Dubai, making it the perfect weekend road trip for tourists seeking adventures, Hatta is the inland exclave of the emirate of Dubai in the UAE. Another adventure you can enjoy in Hatta is Hatta Kayak. You can also experience Hatta Glamping.

Gem 4: Fujairah Retreat

Experience an organic retreat with heritage Arabic hospitality, located in Fujairah with beach & mountains – a sustainable and eco-friendly property where one can enjoy activities such hiking, cycling or simply be one with nature.  A highlight of Fujairah retreat is the ‘Sunset Hike’.

Gem 5: Moon Island

Taking on the unmistakable shape of the crescent moon, Moon Island is a prime holiday spot where guests can bask in the sun, take an unforgettable dive and enjoy the sand. The island is 70 kms away from Dubai’s shoreline. The only way to get there is by a boat/ferry.

Gem 6: Jebel Al Jais

Jebel Al Jais is UAE’s highest peak, towering at 1,934 m above sea level. The world’s longest zip line is located here.

Gem 7: Luxury Safari

The Royal Safari is not only a traditional desert safari but a combination of Dubai’s lavish hospitality & traditional experience.

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