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Taking Oman Air to greater heights

Shahzad Naqvi, Country Manager, Oman Air, has been a remarkable leader in the airline industry ensuring smooth operations between their head office in Muscat and government institutions, consulates, travel agents, corporates and all stakeholders/ travel partners based in Dubai.

Shehara Rizly

With his unique career spanning a decade in the travel and tourism industry, Shahzad Naqvi has become a prominent figure due to his commitment, leadership, hard work and determination to turn the tide in his favour.

As the country manager for Oman Air, he has been actively implementing the vision of the airline through all the programmes carried out under his leadership in Dubai. Naqvi was instrumental in implementing short haul holiday getaways between Oman and Dubai conducting many road shows in conjunction with the tourism board of Oman as well. There were several instances where promotions were held with various other tourism boards ensuring that the flag of Oman Air will soar higher than the rest.

In 2001 after completion of his Masters of Business Administration from the University of Lincoln UK, he started his career as a Travel Consultant at dnata and was promoted as an executive in 2011 and then moved to Etihad Airways as Sales Manager Dubai. Thereafter, Naqvi moved to Oman Air as Country Manager for the UAE in 2014. Having been born and brought up in the UAE, Naqvi is well versed not only in travel, hospitality and tourism but also the changes that occurred during the past two decades. Middle East region has always been considered the fastest growing region in terms of travel, tourism and hospitality hence all the businesses from the East and the West takes place in these areas. It takes an exemplary leader to grab all opportunities available to ensure that the business is turned towards his establishment taking one step further than others.

As a Country Manager, Naqvi has proved himself to be a leader guiding his team towards sustainable growth which is a valuable asset to the company. His motivation, determination and proactive nature has enable Oman Air to be a visible airline network throughout the emirates. Technology plays a vital part in the industry today, when Naqvi first started working in the trade it was still the time of paper tickets then and eventually now it has become electronic tickets enabling smooth travel for all passengers.

Naqvi states that at Oman Air they strive to always be conscious about the changing trends of the travel, tourism and hospitality sectors as the airline has a team of extensive researchers who have dedicated themselves to ensure that the latest industry additions are just a click away.

Oman Air ensures that they are regularly updated with the latest technological know-how to ensure that their clientele will receive the best service as they have one of the best cabin brands on offer. The timely promotions aimed at increasing the number of flyers onboard the airline are smart moves to keep up with the competition and secure a good place all the time. Oman Air is providing a range of educational, cultural and sporting initiatives which not only help to improve the lives of individuals, but make an important contribution to the economic and social well-being of the Sultanate. Continued fleet and network expansion, together with a renewed focus on on-board services and developments will be a priority for Oman Air in 2017; ensuring the airline of the Sultanate of Oman continues to drive up revenues, increases its growing contribution to the national economy and delivers against its 10-year development plan. The inaugural flight from Muscat to Manchester, UK, takes off on May 1.

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