Travellers more likely to book through a travel agent

Since the beginning of the crisis, travel agencies have played a key role in acting as trusted advisors in a rapidly changing situation by providing updated policy information, facilitating journey changes and cancellations, and providing information on the supplier safety and hygiene measures.

When thinking about booking travel today, how likely are you to consider using a travel agent to help you book your trip?

Traveller research – Key findings: 33% of people are now more likely to book using a travel agent, with 82% being either more likely or the same as before.

Why are you more likely to use a travel agent now?

65% say the information and insight agents can provide is their most crucial draw. This was mirrored by our qualitative research with our supply-side partners, who confirmed that travel agencies will be instrumental in communicating their safety measures and policy updates. Almost a quarter (23%) of travellers are drawn to agents for their ability to change a ticket.

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