Turkish’s baggage transport App

Turkish Airlines’ Mini Port is a daily passenger baggage transportation service between Taksim and Atatürk Airport in Istanbul.

TT Bureau

Ahmet Olmustur, Chief Marketing Officer, Turkish Airlines, said, “Turkish Airlines has been confirmed as one of the companies implementing this modern passenger processes. It is hoped that passengers will experience the service and will not have any difficulty in complying with the future Off-Airport services. The purpose of this unique passenger service is to utilise the period of time up until flight departure to discover and enjoy the city. It is of mutual benefit for our passengers while also indirectly contributing to the Turkish tourism economy.”

This brand new app has been created in accordance with the Off-Airport concept which is now very much preferred by modern airlines. Passengers who have to check out early from their hotels would like to spend their day comfortably without carrying their baggages. The Mini Port Office in Istanbul Atatürk Airport is located on the metro floor.

The scope of services was expanded and within the cooperation with the contracted hotels in Taksim region, passenger baggage will be transported from these hotels to Atatürk Airport.

How the App works

The passenger comes to the Mini Port Service Point and submits flight information to the officials. The Mini Port Service Officer welcomes the passengers and receives their baggage.

The Mini Port officials comply with the transport procedures of baggage arriving by the vehicle of the transportation company. This occurs three times a day to the Mini Port Office in AHL International Lines metro floor from Taksim Mini Port Office. The passenger, who is travelling from Istanbul and receives his baggage from AHL Mini Port Office, delivers his baggage to the counters in check-in area as complying with normal flight check-in procedures and the service is offered from Airport to Taksim and from Taksim to Airport.

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