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U-tinerary: The new travel guide

The recent rise of millennials in the Middle East, UK, USA and Europe is witnessing growth in experiential tourism with very personalised, tech savvy and unique trends. Gabriela Asquith, Founder, Story Unheard, talks about its hip ‘U-tinerary’ service.


What is the concept of U-tinerary?
The concept is that of travel guide cum luxury concierge combined with travel itinerary. Just like a travel guide, we give you the most up-to-date and personalised information on your chosen destination, like the ones you’d expect from a luxury concierge – and then we fuse it with the planning and scheduling involved in an organised travel itinerary you’d receive from a tour operator. Instead of undergoing the trouble of planning your trip and researching for hours on where to stay or things to do, one of our travel experts curate your customised and detailed itinerary which you can receive in a matter of days. Our itineraries only recommend the very best options based on your likes and interests. We present you with the highlight reel of any given destination so when you leave, you feel you haven’t missed out on any of its top highlights. Travellers fill in a questionnaire that tells us about them and how they would like to travel.

Who is the target audience?
We targeted travellers in the UK, Europe, USA and UAE from the ages of 18-35 who found the entire holiday planning process cumbersome and just wanted the top suggestions without any hassle. We focussed on young couples, groups of friends and solo travellers looking for an itinerary that put forward the most unique suggestions from their chosen destination. However, our current audience is actually much wider than that. We now have families and senior travellers approaching us for our itineraries.

Is there a fee to join? Who can join in?
There’s no fee to join and anyone is welcome. You just pay for the U-tinerary. The rate will vary, depending on the number of days you want a play-by-play itinerary. It’s all very transparent with no hidden costs. All prices are listed on the website in the U-tinerary page. For example a three-day trip costs £150 (AED 738) and a five-day trip costs £250 (AED 1,230). You can even just have a one-day itinerary for £50 (AED 246)! By opting for our ‘Bookings Service’, restaurants, hotels, transportation, activities, trips and events, tickets can be booked directly through us at an additional handling fee which is listed on the U-tinerary website.

How will the service help the ME travellers?
More and more travellers in the Middle East are looking to experience the very best of their chosen destination based on their preferences. In comes Story Unheard’s U-tinerary! We understand the needs of the Middle East travellers well and know exactly what makes them tick. Whether it’s for a chic city break or an exotic trip in a far-flung destination, we ensure they feel incredibly comfortable wherever they sare in the world with recommendations that meet their expectations.

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