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Wego focuses on content marketing

In the technologically advanced world of today, content marketing has become a game changer in the travel, tourism and hospitality sectors. Craig Hewett, Co-Founder, Wego discusses opportunities to achieve strategic marketing approach in ensuring valuable, relevant and consistent content.

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Q) What are the new content marketing trends for 2018? All formats of videos, personalised messages and localised content tend to resonate with today’s tech-savvy generation. Brands are also increasingly engaging with micro-influencers for content creation. In the near future, we might even see the usage of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for greater content personalisation.

Q) What is Wego’s role in destination marketing campaigns?
Wego’s local expertise within core markets like the MENA region, APAC and India allows us to connect tourism boards with audiences that have the highest travel intent. Thus, the likes of VisitBritain, Tourism Australia, Visit Dubai, German National Tourist Office and France Tourism are increasingly partnering with Wego for strategic and tailor-made online destination marketing campaigns.

Q) How does Wego support DMOs to be more relevant to their audience?
Wego’s co-marketing campaigns come with a portfolio of multi-device and multi-channel engagement tools that include the following:
1. Display advertising (web and mobile banners) shown on websites, mobile sites and mobile apps; as well as in games and social media.
2. SEM increases search engine visibility to the Tourism Board’s site. This involves search engine optimisation (SEO), keyword research, competitive analysis and paid listings.
3. Targeted e-mails and push notifications are some of the most popular digital marketing channels to communicate directly with users.
4. Additionally, we generate creative and localised content marketing activities for all social media channels.

Q) What parameters are used to make the campaigns more effective?
Wego prides itself in being able to deliver extensive market insights from different geographies. This helps tourism boards effectively connect with travellers through outreach campaigns that are tailored-to-fit. Traveller data, collected from 60 of our localised websites, enables us to build a detailed audience profile featuring demographics, travel geography, trip details, device type, airline details and hotel details. Such user behaviour insights can be used to determine optimum campaign timing and even the objective of the campaign.

Q) What are the platforms preferred by the MENA region to conduct a successful campaign?
Our destination marketing campaigns have a 360 degree approach, encompassing everything from research and insights, social media, PR, retail product offering, specific tactical campaigns with an impact at every stage of the consumer journey.

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