Blue World brings first sports cruise in ME

It will be quite exciting to be onboard a cruise that caters to all your requirements throughout the year. Blue World Voyages has the most unique cruise, which will undoubtedly revolutionize cruising especially in the Middle East. Gene Meehan – Founder of Blue World Voyages shares more with TRAVTALK.

Shehara Rizly

Could you share about the vessel and its unique features? How many could be accommodated comfortably?

Using a strategy Blue World created that we call Adaptive ReFit™, we are converting an existing ship to the first ever Sports & Wellness themed cruise vessel. Originally built for 1,500 passengers, the ship will sail with only 520. Accommodations will include 40 one and two-bedroom Owners Residences, plus 225 passenger suites. Blue World is one of the first cruise lines ever to downsize a ship in terms of passengers.

What was the purpose behind creating such a cruise line?

On so many cruise lines, passengers tend to eat and drink excessively, not everyone wants to spend their hard-earned vacation time in the middle of this crowd. We believe that you should return from your vacation feeling better than ever, after seeing new parts of the world, and meeting like-minded new friends. More and more people all over the world understand that when you live an active, healthy life, this becomes an important part of who you are – no matter where you are. We have created a 5-star ‘casual’ cruise line catering to active, healthy adults, as well as those looking to improve lifestyle choices. “Active Lifestyle Cruising.”

This would act as a home for those who want it for life and a cruise to those who want to try it out?

That’s right. Our Residence owners can come and go as they choose. They can also offer their Residence to family and friends, or for business or charity purposes. In addition, we have 225 passenger suites, 200 designed for double occupancy and 25 for singles.

Since it’s on sports and wellness, could you share more?

Our entire cruising experience, plus the design of our ship, is focused on active healthy lifestyles, seeing new places in the world, and having fun.  This includes the food choices we serve, our programming both on and off the ship, our educational and cultural programs, and our spa operations.

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