Dubai as a safe destination

At a recent interview, Issam Kazim, CEO, DTCM shared the many strategies undertaken by Dubai and UAE in terms of building confidence of the travellers and residents and making sure that every touch point is covered not just within the country but would also serve those countries waiting to open their borders.

Tourism recovery I think will be a gradual process. From our side of course we have all the measures in place and we have the confidence in the way that Dubai and UAE has managed this overall – the safety procedures we have from the airports to all the touch points from the RTA, their efforts with public transport at the hotels, at the restaurants at the malls, and every single point of interaction for any guests or resident of the emirates. We are very confident and happy from that perspective.

Our regular dialogue on a G2G level ensures that the federal ministries along with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and others are engaged in constant conversation with other countries, because us being safe is one thing but opening up more and more countries depends on their readiness to travel outbound as well. So I think that two-way conversation and dialogue is necessary, we should continue what we are doing and make sure that we are communicating very clearly at the highest level. This is very important because we need to work towards building confidence not just locally and among the guests who are frequently visiting Dubai but also in those countries that are next in line to open up and can add Dubai on to the list for outbound travels.

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