Germany expects more travellers from GCC

Germany is one of the most popular summer getaways for GCC travellers. The recent confirmation that the country no longer requires vaccination or PCR will be an edge, as more travellers will opt for the destination. Yamina Sofo, Director, Sales and Marketing, German National Tourist Office (GNTO), shares details with TRAVTALK.

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Could you share with us about the recent ease of restrictions to travel to Germany?

Germany recently announced the encouraging news that until further notice, visitors no longer require a Covid-19 vaccination certificate or negative PCR test. We are looking forward to a rise in arrivals from the GCC and the opportunity to provide them a variety of cultural experiences and insights into the country’s customs.

What is the most important information a traveller needs to know when travelling to Germany?

Travellers should be aware that Germany took stringent measures to protect everyone throughout the pandemic and continues to remain alert should measures need to be revisited. We remain agile with the ever-evolving situation to ensure visitors can feel safe while here.

How do you work with travel agents from the GCC? Do they have a specialisation programme? Is it updated?

Currently, the GCC is our second best overseas market, following the United States. We understand the importance of the region and work closely with travel agents on a regular basis. With such a huge cross-section of travellers coming from the region, we manage our work with travel agents individually rather than on a specialised programme. As a base, we use our website, which is informative and regularly updated with everything travellers need to know before arriving.

What are the latest campaigns especially for GCC travellers?

We have two major campaigns running this year: German.Local.Culture and Embrace German Nature. German.Local.Culture sees a focus on all elements of culture, from traditional food and music, to craftmanship and historic customs. Embrace German Nature homes focus on outdoor life, from the meandering lakes and mountains, to the country’s cycling and hiking opportunities.

Are there new attractions, hotels etc that you will be promoting for summer?

This summer we are encouraging travellers to explore eco-friendly hotels and attractions. We have more than 3,000 green-certified accommodations and more can be fined visiting:; and We are also encouraging people to go green. For more information, please visit

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