Hybrid meetings: A sustainable option

In today’s ever-evolving world, sustainability is becoming more important than ever; companies are looking at eco-friendly choices.

Shehara Rizly

Whilst the future of meetings is yet to be written, it will likely include a combination of live and virtual meetings frequently combined in the same event. The past year has forced many companies to explore work from home options, relying heavily on Wi-Fi, streaming, and an increased demand for hybrid meetings. By curating intimate events in local areas with hybrid functions, that not only require less to no travel and are safer for attendees, it allows companies to reduce environmental impact at the same time.

“The demand for hybrid meetings has increased exponentially over the past months and we are pleased to be able to meet the requirements of our guests and partners within the new norm. Hybrid meetings are a great solution for many companies, as attendees can join the meeting from another country, their homes or even their local coffee shop. Hybrid solutions however, are not only convenient, but also provide a great opportunity for any organisation to progress its sustainability mission, as the carbon footprint is greatly reduced without completely eliminating true human connection”, says Tim Cordon, Area Senior Vice President Middle East & Africa,
Radisson Hotel Group.

“The changes that we have gone through to adapt to the new norm have been significant. Over the past few months, companies have started to see the benefit of hybrid solutions and studies show that organisations are considering continuing the option of hybrid solutions, even after the pandemic ends. Moving forward we believe it will be very important for hotels to provide flexibility and offer solutions for both hybrid and physical events. Generally, we see that the virtual meeting elements can be a revenue source and also provide a new space for sponsor exposure in a more digital and creative way”, says Caroline Thissen, Area Senior Director Sales & Revenue Optimization, Middle East & Africa, Radisson Hotel Group.

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