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Use Al Hosn App to travel to EU

UAE citizens and residents travelling to EU countries can now make the most out of their journeys as the airline has been working with the Al Hosn National Health System team to enable the readability and recognition of customers’ health credentials.

UAE citizens and residents will be able to upload their negative PCR test results and vaccination certificates performed anywhere in the country, without the need to visit specific labs. They have to download the IATA Travel Pass, scan the Al Hsosn App’s Travel Pass QR Code and load the results back to the App. The data is stored in the National Cloud per the highest privacy standards and policies set by the UAE Data Protection Law. The new enhancements make it easier for UAE citizens to benefit from the IATA Travel Pass and get their “Ok to Travel” prior to their departure to any EU destination on the airline’s network.

By using the Al Hosn App, those travelling from the UAE to the EU can reliably demonstrate their COVID-19 status, and be able to enter/attend hospitality and entertainment venues, or embark on other experiences that require proof of negative test results or vaccination. This minimizes the use of multiple apps to demonstrate testing and vaccination status, while in the EU, and also allows for safer, convenient movement for Emirates citizens and residents.

Adel Al Redha, Emirates Chief Operating Officer said: “As part of our plan to implement digital travel verification and make the travel process more seamless, we are boosting the customer experience across the full travel journey when it comes to the administration and uploading test results and proof of vaccination, in partnership with the All Hosn. We are looking at ways to expand the functionality of the tools available to our customers such as the IATA Travel Pass. Enabling the readability of Covid testing and vaccination QR codes into the app for those travelling to the EU is a step to instill confidence and create assurance. The Al Hosn has made efforts into obtaining equivalency for the EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate System, and we thank them for making the UAE one of the few countries to secure its testing and recognition status across all EU countries for their citizens and residents.”

The Al Hosn National Health System team stated: “Our partnership with Emirates is to showcase how important and rewarding it is to build safe, secure, and delightful technological integrations. Emirates is building a model for safe travel during the pandemic, and we are honoured to be part of it. We thank Emirates for making this collaboration a success and we look forward to furthering our collaborations. As a national project, the Al Hosn is hosted on the National Cloud, and we invite all national projects to join us in doing so.”

In July, the Emirates integrated the Al Hosn National Health System via the National Cloud in its check-in systems, enabling quick digital retrieval and verification of COVID-19 medical records, regardless of where in the UAE, the citizens completed their vaccination, or COVID-19 tests. Customers’ pandemic-related information is treated in a highly-secure manner complaint with data privacy protocols, and are discarded from the Emirates systems after verification is complete. “We are one of the first airlines to trial the IATA Travel Pass and offers the solution to customers flying to 50 cities across its network.”

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