Tourism in the next 50 years

As the United Arab Emirates celebrate 50 years this year, we take a look at the aspirations for the next 50 years in terms of tourism. TRAVTALK spoke to the students and General Manager of Dubai College of Tourism to find out their source of commitment for the future of tourism.

Shehara Rizly

What does the future of the tourism sector look like to you?

Nurnissa Habibullah, Student – Dubai College of Tourism: The future of the tourism sector is very bright. It might not be tomorrow, or next week, that we see the world back to its original or better state after COVID-19, but it will eventually get better as time passes.

Amina Mamria, Student – Dubai College of Tourism: I think tourists will look for authentic experiences, adventures and sustainable options.

Farrah Mahaini Student – Dubai College of Tourism: I believe the tourism sector will focus more on being sustainable and having trends to create various experiences for people.

What would you like to see more of in Dubai in the next 50 years? If you could design your own Dubai master plan, what would it include?

Nurnissa Habibullah: I would like to see more diversity between every resident and tourist in Dubai in the next 50 years.  Also, I would design Dubai as more of a natural paradise than a city populated by towers and other neo-futurism-designed buildings.

Amina Mamria: I want to see more natural attractions. Even if it is manmade, I think it is important to focus on planting more trees and green spaces.

Farrah Mahaini: Dubai is a city that covers almost every aspect of civilization and development, but what would be a great development is the construction of bike routes in residential and service areas. In my Dubai master plan, I would include more routes for bikes especially in places that are crowded with people or that would attract the tourists. It will encourage residents and tourists to use bikes or electrical scooters, especially as they are getting more popular and more sustainable. In view of Dubai’s heat, it could even be a covered route with charging stations for scooters, and air filling for the bike’s tires.

What macro trends will shape travel?

Nurnissa Habibullah: Travel will be shaped by different macro trends, but I don’t think we can say for sure what exact macro trends will shape travel in the near future. Travel will grow due to different reasons.

Amina Mamria: The macro trends will be health and safety, as well as climate change.

Farrah Mahaini: I believe the environmental factors will affect the decisions on travelling with the increased awareness of global warming.

At Dubai College of Tourism, we aim to educate and inspire the next generation of young professionals in their pursuit to become future leaders in Dubai’s tourism and hospitality industry. We provide courses in tourism, retail business, events, hospitality and culinary arts that are frequently refreshed to keep in line with domestic demand and global travel trends. In addition to theoretical knowledge through classes, we equip our students with the practical skills required to set them on the path to professional success. To ensure we create a workforce of well-trained hospitality professionals, our courses are delivered by industry professionals who are committed to driving Dubai’s hospitality sector forward, and include mandatory internships where students can put their theoretical knowledge into practice with the support of industry experts. As the industry steadily begins to recover, we recognise the need for a well-rounded, holistic education that will prepare our graduates to welcome millions of tourists to Dubai every year.

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