Travel agents: strength of the traveller

As governments start to ease out the travel protocols, people from all walks of life are excited to explore and see different places. They have several options to plan and book their trips amid this high technology era, but find that travel agents are much more helpful and reliable.

Different companies have started filling up the positions that were vacated during the heights of financial difficulties of the establishments due to then, inevitable downsizing of manpower to keep their business going.

Tourism has been an integral part of our society, there is a growing demand for expats in UAE as the country has opened its doors to the world.  That is why the means to expand the tourism business has earned its space on virtual availability that is accessible by anybody having internet access. People have options to physically visit their agents the traditional way or opt to go to an online travel agency or download an app on their smartphones where they can plan and book their tickets, hotels, transfers, and other services.

Amid the high technology of our era today, travel agents still play a big part on the travel plans of passengers.  It’s still undeniably much reassuring to have someone to walk you through your options should there be an inevitable change on bookings. With the unprecedented cancellations of flights during the pandemic wherein airlines are beyond reach, the travel agents endeavoured to help in monitoring flights, assisting in rebooking, application and follow-ups of refund.  They have been ready 24X7 to guide with the sudden change of travel protocols. Even after pandemic and despite the availability of online booking tools at the fingertips of the public, a lot of people still rely on a travel agent to help and reassure that their journey will be hassle-free.

Different borders have opened, and people are excited to travel; and at the same time travellers look out on spending wisely with their travel spree. This is where their agents use their ingenious ways to tailor the package that suits everyone’s needs and budget.

True enough as we draw closer to the last quarter of the year, agents are busy and alert to grab seats for the upcoming peak season of all.  Travel agents hold true value on every passenger’s travel; thus, their worth shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Whilst a travel agent’s core key to excel in the field should be PRIME:

  • Passion on what you do and keep it burning.
  • Resourcefulness amid stiff competition.
  • Integrity of the information you provide.
  • Motivation to excel and self-determination.
  • Eagerness to help and go the extra mile.

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