UAE’s top agents discover MiCE

The Department of Tourism Philippines recently organised a familiarisation trip for leading travel agents in the UAE. They share their views with TravTalk on the archipelago and the six-day tour, which included some of the most beautiful and luxurious areas of its islands.

Nasir Jamal Khan, Chief Executive Officer, Al Naboodah Travel and Tourism
The Philippines has improved its infrastructure, facilities, hotels, sightseeing and tourist attractions, and is emerging as an attractive and cost-effective tourism destination for travellers from across the world. The archipelago offers some of the best islands in the world, Banwa being one of the most exclusive ones.

Jamal Abdulnasser, Chief Executive Officer, Cozmo Travel
The Philippines truly matches up to other world-class destinations. The vibrant city of Manila is an excellent destination for MiCE and corporate events. Boracay, Palawan, and Banwa islands offer sandy beaches, rainforests, and mountains for all to discover.

V Jayaram, Managing Director, Sharaf Travel
The warm hospitality and friendliness of Filipinos makes a big difference to tourism in the region. What makes the Philippines more fun is great weather and year-round sunshine, so visitors can travel light and enjoy its beaches and islands any time of the year.

Manu Mehrotra, General Manager, Al Tayer Travel Agency
The deservedly celebrated islands of the Philippines are truly magnificent. The pristine sands of the beach fringed by palms and the clear turquoise waters are ideally suited for a restful and rejuvenating holiday. The welcoming nature of the people makes it great.

Mohammed Haneefa, Managing Director, Deira Travel and Tourism
The Banwa Island visit and the accommodation were a remarkable and unforgettable experience in the Philippines. The country has some remarkably elegant spots for tourists from across the world. We were sufficiently informed about it as well.

Sumit Acharya, Managing Director, BCD Travel
We packed in a lot and had the opportunity to experience the variety that the Philippines has to offer, both for MiCE and leisure travellers. Superb accommodation and entertainment options in Manila and the beauty of Boracay and Palawan were a revelation.

Suresh Ahuja, Managing Director, Trans Arabian Air Travel
I visited the Philippines after several years and enjoyed my stay there, especially the luxurious stay at Banwa Island. The whole experience was wonderful; it is a very pleasant place to visit with some great stay facilities. One can draw up some great itineraries.

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