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Jumeirah Emirates Towers has been a landmark in Dubai for over two decades. Now, with the opening of the Museum of the Future adjacent to the property has brought in a whole new level of experience for the guests. Kirti Anchan, General manager, Jumeirah Emirates Towers, shares with TRAVTALK  what changes they have made to offer better experiences for the guests.

Shehara Rizly

Could you share the strategies that were utilised to attract different markets to your property?

At Jumeirah Emirates Towers, we understand that every market has unique needs and preferences. Therefore, we tailor our strategies to ensure that we provide exceptional service that meets and exceeds our guests’ expectations for both business and leisure travellers. To achieve this, we provide appealing F&B experiences, maintain business facilities that are conducive to corporate guests, and ensure our rooms offer a relaxing stay. We also understand the significance of maintaining our visibility in both local and international markets. We leverage social media, email marketing, and other digital platforms to reach our target audience. Additionally, we also maintain effective inbound marketing platforms, such as our website, to provide complete and updated information about our hotel, including our services, amenities, and events. Lastly, we recognise that effective product positioning is crucial in the market.

How has business or corporate travel served over the last few years? Do you see an uptake of it now?

Certainly, we are optimistic about the future of corporate travel, and we have already seen positive signs of improvement this year. We have seen an increase in business travel as the world recovers from the epidemic, and we are sure this trend will continue. We eagerly anticipate hosting additional corporate travellers at our esteemed property, particularly with the eminent international event COP28 on the horizon.

As a hotel with mix spaces, how do you work with travel agents and corporate bookers?

We highly value our relationship with travel agents and corporate bookers, recognising their vital role in bringing business to our property. Consistent communication and transparency are essential to us, and our dedicated sales team regularly connects with our partners. This ensures we understand their needs and provide timely updates on our services and offers. Furthermore, we provide regular feedback on their clients’ experiences at our hotel, constantly striving to improve our services and exceed their expectations.

Our location’s central proximity to DIFC is an added advantage that we offer to our corporate clients. We understand that time is of the essence for business travellers, and our location gives them quick access to meetings and events within the DIFC area. We also extend the availability of leisure facilities in our sister properties to travel agents for their clients to enjoy. As a city hotel, we understand the importance of providing a complete experience to our guests. Lastly, we express our appreciation annually to our partners by arranging exclusive annual events.

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