Intellectual disability awareness

TTME APRIL 2019 -PG -21

Travelport launched a global awareness campaign to use the DPNA Special Service Request (SSR) code, which can be used by travel agents to alert airlines when a passenger has an intellectual or developmental disability and needs assistance. TT Bureau Travelport initiated the campaign for use of the DPNA (Disabled Passenger …

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More agents on-board NDC


Following the successful implementation of its NDC roadmap during 2018, Travelport has completed the onboarding of the first group of travel agencies to receive access to NDC content. TT Bureau UK-based travel agency Meon Valley completed the first live booking using NDC content through Travelport’s Smartpoint desktop in October 2018. …

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Innovate & inspire with Champions Club

TTME FEB 2019 - PG -10

Following the successful launch of the Amadeus Champions Club in the Gulf in 2017, Amadeus has expanded the remit of its knowledge-sharing initiative. The club connects local travel agents and other industry leaders to review new policies and develop mutually-beneficial market intelligence. In the year ahead, Amadeus will be offering …

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‘In-destination services’ at Tryps.Tech

TTME FEB 2019 - PG -9

Nabil El-Shafeay, CEO, Tryps.Tech shares information and special aspects of the first and only online distributor specialised in the in-destination tours, activities, attraction tickets, transfers and airport lounges, etc, worldwide fully localised in Arabic. TT Bureau Share a brief of the ventures undertaken by Tryps.Tech. Tryps.Tech is the first and …

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‘Customer is the king’

TTME FEB 2019 - PG - 7

Serving the travel industry for the past two decades, Kathryn Wallington, Country Manager—UAE, Travelport, shares how she realised her fascination for travel, to explore the world and its many cultures, and her vision and growth plan for the company. Shehara Rizly Kathryn Wallington took the reins as Country Manager UAE …

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Oneview manages services for TMCs

TTME FEB 2019 - PG - 5

Oneview has been serving the travel industry in the Middle East for the past seven years. Jauhar Abdul Gafoor, who recently took up reins as Chief Executive Officer, Oneview IT Solutions, shares his plans and aspirations for the year ahead. TT Bureau Tell us about your key plans for Oneview. …

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Wego enables ROIs for airlines


Wego enables airlines to have a greater visibility online with access to a wider direct customer base. Dean Wicks, Chief Flights Officer, Wego, talks about how the travel search engine empowers airlines to sell more seats and showcase their brand offering to a much wider audience. Wego is an aggregator …

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Value of blockchain for travel


Andy Bell,  Enterprise Business Architect, Travelport The 2017 Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies categorised blockchain as being in the ‘Peak of Inflated Expectations’. But is this true for the travel industry? At Travelport, architects have been investigating the implications of blockchain, both for their business and the wider travel sector. In …

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Digital marketing setting the trend


Digital marketing strategies are known to drive more business in travel, tourism and hospitality. Salah Mustafa, Digital Marketing Director, Wego, ensures that travellers are kept abreast with the latest trends of travel. TT Bureau How important is the digital marketing strategy in today’s context for travel and tourism? More than …

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Investing in human capital


Per Vidar Lundberg, Client Partner, Hyper Island, analyses a recent study by The World Bank which urges GCC countries to develop a system that can transform growth-inducing innovations for knowledge-based economies. TT Bureau How does human capital investment contribute towards travel and tourism in UAE? When we look at emerging …

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