AYUBOWAN land of unexplored wonders

Sri Lanka has so much to offer its visitors when it comes to rich history and influences of being one of the most active trading hubs in ancient times. From picturesque locations which include pristine beaches to wildlife sanctuaries, Sri Lanka has an unmatchable diversified set of experiences.

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Today’s traveller behaviour has changed considerably and they seek experiential tourism rather than traditional tourism. Sri Lanka being a year-round destination has a lot to offer the travellers seeking an unmatchable experience. A tiny drop amidst the Indian ocean, Sri Lanka offers every traveller an experience which is unique and memorable.

Land of Smiles
A destination known for great hospitality, often referred to as the ‘Land of Smiles’ Sri Lanka has some of the most unique splendours in the world. Hospitality is a key ingredient in the land as they celebrate festivals depicting religious and cultural beliefs from ancient times.

The land can be explored in about 14 days travelling from Colombo to the highest mountain peaks, most beautiful waterfalls, exotic nature reserves, elephant parks and reserves, bird watching areas, lodges and special natural tree tops for visitors to enjoy a spectacular experience and be one with nature. Sri Lanka has some of the most amazing trekking sites as well.

Spiritual retreat
Taking a few days off to spend on a spiritual retreat to Sri Lanka is another feature popular among the visitors to the destination. From yoga to ayurvedic (herbal) treatment centers, Sri Lanka has become an exclusive destination for most visitors.

Pageantry at its best
An unforgettable experience for any traveller is the rich pageantry display especially towards the latter part of the year. It includes traditional dancers who captivate the audience with their talent, breathing fire out of their mouths and wearing masks that depict certain ancient elements.

Wonders of the world
The island may look tiny on the world map but has some of the most interesting wonders in the world. In some parts of the country ‘hot wells’ are a very popular experience that one must include in their bucket list. These wells carry natural hot water at different temperature levels, so one can try out several of them and check the difference between them.

Apart from that there are many other experiences not to be missed out on in the land of breathtaking beauty. Safari rides to the national parks, camping on ground and exploring to be one with nature, Sri Lanka has the rich ingredients necessary to make it one of the best in the world.

Colonial influence
Sri Lanka was colonised by the British, Portugese and Dutch and even today no matter where you travel the rich influence is depicted as the buildings of the ancient times have been revived to give it the richest experience one can receive from a destination.

Down south in Galle, some of the restored buildings have been transformed into boutique hotels where one can enjoy the rich history within the premises. Galle Fort proves to be one of the most important features to be added on to the ‘must see’ list as it has some of the most amazing historical areas. From the light house to the caves covered under the sea that can only be visited during low tide season, Galle has some of the most iconic stories to share with the rest of the world.

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