Bigger share for women in tourism

This year’s ITIC Middle East Tourism Investment Summit focuses on the recent case study in Oman on the opportunities for women in the tourism sector. Women make up for 54 per cent of the workforce in tourism globally, says UNWTO.

TT Bureau

Discussing the opportunities for women in tourism, Dr. Lubna Bader Salim Al Mazroei, Manager Economic Diversification Investments, Oman Investment Authority, during the ITIC session shared, “When the Ministry of Tourism was established in Oman in 2004, the first Minister of Tourism was a woman. Our target is to create 500,000 jobs in Oman tourism by 2040 and to further strengthen the Oman tourism sector, we are implementing new education, training and employment initiatives. We have a dedicated Human Capital department that is overseeing all of the needs of the sector and this department is managed mostly by women.”

As part of its efforts to boost the tourism industry in the region, the Oman government established the Oman Tourism College in 2001. Initially, there were approximately 80 female students, and this number has risen to 400 in 2023.

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