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With presence in over 700 locations, Gray Line UAE and Oman has been at the forefront in the two countries as the largest provider of sightseeing tours.

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At the helm of creating the best traveller experiences, Gray Line UAE and Oman is one of the largest providers of sightseeing tours as its existence dates back to over 100 years. “We have been nominated as the licensee of Grayline in UAE and Oman with a mission to develop daily tours in our areas. Therefore, we are essentially present in UAE and Oman with a worldwide presence in the market. Today, our daily tours can be obtained in multiple languages such as Spanish, Polish, German, French, Turkish, Korean and Russian,” shared Elodie Azar, Deputy General Manager, Gray Line UAE and Oman.

The company offers the convenience of a big brand to clients with a difference in being local specialists of its destination. She elaborated, “In other words, we are a ‘local expert’. Our team is well established, with offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with a good strength of staff, branded buses and vehicles for seamless operations. We bring tourists, individuals and groups from all over the world to visit the UAE and Oman and explore our daily tours. Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Muscat are the most frequented destinations.”

Grayline in UAE and Oman primarily caters to the leisure clientele and is specialised in transportation and transfers with daily sightseeing tours, attractions and tickets tours. “As a sightseeing company, we are the only one known for excursions and tours. Our products are a full- or halfday tour with a story and content throughout the trip to keep our guests entertained, said Azar.

Sharing her opinions about the future of the industry, Azar notices the shift towards technology with more structured offers. “Nowadays it is easy to book a ticket in two minutes and immediately have it on email on our phones than it was 20 years ago. Hotels and trips are also booked at the tip of our fingertips. Similarly, it will be even easier to book excursions in the next five to ten years than it is today. Things will be more and more instant, and clients will require everything at the earliest. So only professionals will survive!” she concluded.

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