TTME SEPTEMBER 2018 -PG -18 - 2nd story

Ctrip launches first travel concept store in DXB

Ctrip launched its first concept store at the Dubai International Airport-Terminal 3. It aims to provide 24*7 high quality customer service and in-destination products.

TT Bureau

As an important global hub, Dubai International Airport welcomes tourists from all over the world. The concept store is able to provide one-stop online and offline services, including travel guidance, consultation, transportation, catering, shopping and more. The opening of Ctrip’s concept travel store marks the 2018 UAE-China Week and a fruitful cooperation with Dubai International Airport and Dubai Tourism. Ctrip’s first travel concept store allows tourists to enjoy greater value-added services upon their arrival. Travellers are able to experience Ctrip’s onestop in-destinations services from the selection and booking of local tour activities to enjoying services from local tour guides and more. On-site staff are on hand to provide 24-hour service in languages such as Chinese, English, Arabic and many more. The concept store is complete with 3 TV sets along with 5 iPad Pros. Ctrip has worked together with Dubai Tourism to design a variety of stopover itineraries and local entertainment options for travellers in transit or only in Dubai.

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