Discover Ireland virtually

Earlier this year, Ireland started promoting the destination to the GCC, however the pandemic delayed its discovery. You can explore  the luxurious escape with luscious greenery on 18th November 2020 at 11am with Siobhan Naughton, Marketing and Trade Executive Middle East and Asia, Tourism Ireland and partners from the destination. Naughton shares more with TRAVTALK .

Shehara Rizly

Q Could you share an overview of the webinar?

This webinar will focus on luxury travel to the Island of Ireland and the safety measures that have been put in place to ensure a seamless customer experience when the time is right to travel to our beautiful island again. The different areas we will be focusing on are – Island of Ireland luxury product offerings
including key attractions and accommodation providers, screen tourism and coastal touring routes.

Q What will be the theme, concept and focus for the webinar?

Tourism Ireland along with our Island of Ireland industry partners will give travel trade from the GCC a
luxury Island of Ireland product update and also showcase how GCC and expat travellers to the Island of Ireland will continue to have a safe, memorable and seamless visit to our shores when the time is right.

Q How many webinars will you conduct?

There will be two webinars; the first will be held on November 18, catering to the travel trade from the GCC and the second on December 7, that will cater to both GCC and India travel trade.

Q Are there any incentives for the agents that attend the webinar?

There will be a special certificate of attendance provided to all the agents that will attend the webinar.

Q Will this webinar more for GCC travellers as in locals or for both locals and expats that live in the GCC countries?

We mainly target GCC nationals and the luxury expat travellers.

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