Emerging technologies in travel

Once again, Sabre Corporation will sponsor the Travel Technology Theatre at Arabian Travel Market 2019. Experts will showcase latest technology in the travel and hospitality.

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Conducting seminar programmes at Arabian Travel Market (ATM) 2019, Sabre will host the first show of Travel Tech Theatre on the theme ‘Glimpse into the Future: How Emerging Technology is Simplifying the Travel Experience’. Ben Vinod, Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist, Sabre Corporation, will be speaking about how emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and customer segmentation can be used to personalise the customer experience and how new industry and behavioural trends are transforming the travel sector. Vinod will also talk about the evolution in travel distribution and how NDC is transforming the travel experience.

Next on the agenda will be ‘Virtual Payments for a Seamless Traveller Experience’ on April 29 with speakers Robin Boudsocq, Strategic Products—Sales, Sabre EMEA and Andrew Sims, CEO, NEC Payments. As technology is playing a significant role in boosting companies’ efficiencies, payment methods are no exception. Traditional payment methods such as credit cards, BTAs, cash and accounts payable, carry fraud risks. Boudsocq and Sims will talk about how the increased availability and acceptance of consumer technology have created the need for corporates to adapt and respond to customers’ expectations.

Business travel in the Middle East is going through many transformations driven by high investments in the travel and technology infrastructure. Abdul-Razzaq Iyer, Vice President, Sabre Travel Network— Middle East will speak to Zaeem Gama, CEO, Kanoo Travel, about the dynamics of the business travel sector, challenges and opportunities in the Middle East and how business travel can be smarter to elevate the business traveller’s experience.

“The rise of new technologies and trends are creating more opportunities for all players in the industry and we are here to support our customers and the market to learn about everything new in the travel industry whilst leveraging on these opportunities,” said Iyer.

Sabre is also highlighting the evolution of distribution and how NDC is changing the landscape of travel.

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