Forget baggage woes with smart trolleys

emaratech launched Airport Smart Trolley, Next Generation Scanner Trolley and Intelligent Baggage Handling System – to improve baggage handling efficiency and facilitate passenger movement at airports.


During the 15th edition of Dubai Airshow – one of the largest exhibitions showcasing the latest in military, general and commercial aviation, emaratech launched a series of products that will soon be in action at the airports, thereby enhancing passenger experience as well as improving baggage handling efficiency. emaratech’s Airport Smart Trolley comes with a web-based dashboard that allows the airport to locate and send notifications during shopping to individual passengers, channelise information about shops, restaurants and services; locate devices that need to be charged, collect granular data (all types of passenger interaction), display advertisements from shops and export trolley data to BI tools to learn from it. In addition to the Intelligent Trolley, emaratech showcased the Next Generation Scanner Trolley with a scannable design that makes the trolley compatible with the security scanner, linking the passenger journey from security to gate. The Scanner Trolley helps in efficient security process by taking passengers quickly through security without queuing, allowing them to have more time to shop, eat and relax before the flight.
Thirdly, the Intelligent Baggage Handling System based on LEAN principles aims to create an ef- ficient process of inbound and outbound baggage at airports. The departure system consists of the Capacity Booster Storage (CBS) and the Make-Up Station. The CBS system acts as a buffer area which stores all incoming checked-in baggage throughout the individual destinations check-in windows. The Make-Up station rapidly sorts and makes-up to 1200 BAX/hour into carts for loading departing aircrafts. The arrival setup consists of an arrival station that can be connected to a wide variety of reclaim carousels.
“emaratech continues to build on its vision to innovate with advanced technologies that make UAE unique in world, while propelling Dubai’s position as technologically forward city that integrates innovative smart technologies,” said Thani Al Zaffin, Director General & Board Member.

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