Future travel with Gen Z

Now that travel is back on track and Gen Z in the driver’s seat, it will revolutionize the way people travel in future, say experts.

Marijana Jakic, Brand Manager, St. Moritz, Member of the Management Board ESTM AG
It’s people who shape brands and destinations. In order to reach out to the newer generations, we need to include them in our thinking while developing new activities. If we reach out to Gen Z, we do that together with the Gen Z. The latest example is our close partnership with the techno and EDM SunIce Festival. Traditional St. Moritz brand is also undergoing a generational change with the third generation taking the lead with fresh ideas and offers for Gen Z guests.

Samir Abi Frem, Chief Executive Officer, Lokalee
Before being real-life wanderers, GenZ travellers are digital explorers. They are constantly connected to their smart devices, hooked to online search engines, and completely immersed in social media. For them, time is of the essence as they value the present moment and seek to make the most out of every minute. This makes them digitally-wired, prioritizing quick access to information, easy navigation, and user-friendly online platforms that provide them with rich content. Lokalee offers them all of this and more.

Natasha Hatherall Shawe, Founder and CEO, Tish Tash
Gen Z travellers in 2023 are looking for longer trips, to make up for ‘lost time’ ideally with a sustainable or ‘back to basics’ focus on wellbeing and the opportunity to work remotely whilst abroad. Gen Z also looks to ‘travel with a purpose’ and marketing must reflect this. As a ‘mobile first’ generation, all available channels must be utilised for customer service. These first impressions are as important for the sale as the trip itself. Social proof is vital in attracting to your property or destination. Now is the time to look at overall strategies and user experience from the ground up. Destinations must amplify experiences.

Nuran Kilani, Director of Sales and Marketing, The Tower Plaza Hotel
Hotels need to be ready for Gen Z. Born into an on-demand world of instant everything, these first true “digital natives” have high expectations, and they interact differently with technology, social media, and brands. All of this means that hotels will need to market and communicate with Gen Z consumers differently, rethink the services and experiences, and understand the unique traits of Gen Z in order to form strong and meaningful relationships. Catering to Millennials has been a main focus for about as long as millennials have existed as a consumer in the hotel and travel industry.

Matthew Clark, Regional Sales Director, APAC A & Middle East, Shiji
The generation known as Gen Z is the first to grow up with mobile technology and is concerned with issues of sustainability, authenticity, gender identity, and sexuality. When they are making their travel plans, they are looking for exciting content, one-of-a-kind experiences, and sources of inspiration. Connecting with Generation Z is made easier with the help of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube. Attracting Generation Z will be easier for brands that have a strong digital presence and produce content that is both interesting and engaging.

Diana Kornilakis, General Manager, Tilal Liwa Hotel
The new generation is an interesting market to welcome. They are curious and smart in choosing what experience they want to take. They like to try new things and explore new horizon. What is more interesting than a hotel resort in Abu Dhabi offering some desert action? This year, Tilal Liwa will be launching huge outdoor experiences from a falcon show in the desert, Moreeb sunrise safari and Moreeb sunset safari tours. They can now experience the lowest roll of sands up to the towering dunes of the desert, and relax in a well-appointed room with an elegant view after.

Deepak Rajawat, Chief Commercial Officer, Vistara
As a contemporary Indian airline, we constantly aim to enhance our offerings to cater to the discerning modern travellers, who look for a holistic flying experience. We have progressively launched numerous customer-friendly services including Live TV, healthier and vegan meal options, calming inflight content as well as amenity kits by Forest Essentials and RAS luxury oils. Further, we persistently try to upgrade our operational infrastructure with state-of-the-art digital solutions such as chatbots and biometric facial recognition.

Inputs by Shehara Rizly

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