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Here’s a fully automated laundry

Moving ahead towards 2020, supplying a facility that can accommodate nearly 150,000 kg of linen a day, AA Al Moosa Enterprises in partnership with Newmatic thrives on a new venture to ensure that the hospitality industry benefits further with this initiative.

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Golden Sands has unveiled its new state-of-the-art industrial laundry facility at Dubai Investments Park (DIP). Abdallah Ahmed Al Moosa, Chairman, AA Al Moosa Enterprises, inaugurated the ceremony, alongside Abdulaziz Al Serkal, General Manager, Dubai Investments; Omar Al Mesmar, General Manager, DIP and Mohammad Saeed Al Raqabani, General Manager– Commercial, DIP.

AA Al Moosa Enterprises has partnered with Newmatic to complete and equip Golden Sands’ laundry facility. The company had furnished all the laundry and mechanical room equipment including installation, start-up and training services for the staff. The laundry facility in DIP spans across an impressive 14,700sq meter facility. The new plant will have a capacity of washing 150 tonnes per day and with its 24- hour year-round operation, it is expected to handle around 200 pick-up and delivery trips on a daily basis.

Majd Abulaban, Managing Partner, Newmatic commented, “This project was planned four years ago by Golden Sands as they have appointed us as the designer and supplier for this project. We wanted the laundry to be fully automated and have considered environment safety issues. It has been supplied and will be considered as one of a kind in the Middle East in capacity, automation and environment friendliness and one of its kind in Europe.”

Ali Melhem, General Manager, Golden Sands Laundry, said, “The new facility is the technologicallyadvanced commercial laundry facility in the region. We have partnered with Newmatic to design this facility using the latest equipment and technology with complete automation for washing, drying and ironing. With the support of AA Al Moosa Group, we are introducing the latest high-tech processing systems, while at the same time actively pursuing an environmentfriendly initiative.

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