MICE Middle East forum is back

Covering everything, from event design and sponsorships to social media, technology and more, the fifth annual MICE Middle East Forum 2017 is set to take place on August 23. Organised by Pinnacle Middle East, the event connects leaders from over 300 organisations from the region. Bulat Mirgarifanov, Marketing Manager, Pinnacle Middle East, shares the details.

Q What is the objective of MICE Middle East Forum?

We aim to provide a platform where emerging trends are predicted, best practices are explained, some of the biggest case studies are shared and corporates from more than 300 leading organisations of this region can interact and network with marketing, branding and events experts.

Q How many attendees are you expecting this year?

We have invited a delegate audience exclusively for the buyers, owners/operators of the event/MICE industry – specialists like heads of marketing, PR and communication, procurement and HR; brand directors; event, exhibition, conference directors; travel professionals handling MICE from retail brands, FMCGs, banking and financial institutions, oil and gas industry, telecom industry, pharmaceutical industry, healthcare industry, education industry and real estate; governments; agencies and associations; and NGOs. Last event was attended by 310 organisations, 85 per cent local market and multi-nationals with a presence in UAE, and 15 per cent from GCC.

Q Are there any specific MICE markets targeted?

Our top priority is the local market of the UAE and multinationals with a presence in UAE and secondary priority is other GCC countries and rest of the world, without local presence.

Q What will the participants gain by attending the event?

All our participants, from delegates, speakers, sponsors to partners, will benefit from this event. This event is a great opportunity for our participants to create vital business relationships, share experience, acquire more knowledge and get to know their industry better.

From exploring the future of meetings and events in the region to discussing corporate travel, experiential incentives and the role of events in marketing campaigns, the one-day forum throws light on new market opportunities and challenges for the region’s MICE industry.

Q How in your opinion does this event contribute to the Vision 2020, Dubai?

Dubai’s Vision 2020 focuses on creating a competitive, knowledge-based economy supported by sustainable environment and infrastructure. The main focus of the event is to create and grow a knowledge-based community that is well equipped with the latest trends, becomes part of the evolution, drives growth for industries and in the long run, uplifts the economy as a whole in alignment with UAE’s 2021 vision. The regional events and MICE business have reportedly been witnessing a growth rate of 5.5 per cent annually in meeting attendance since 2000, led notably by the UAE market. Generating a total of $653 million per year, the Emirates’ MICE industry, as per experts, will be experiencing a growth rate of seven per cent yearly by 2020.

Expo 2020 opens countless significant opportunities for exponential growth, not only for the local MICE business but the entire regional market. By the time the World Expo takes place, the value of the local sector is expected to surpass $1.39 billion.

Fifth MICE Middle East Forum is covering everything, from event design and sponsorships to social media, technology, and more; captivating 20-minute presentations will provide actionable takeaways and great networking opportunities within the industry.

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